Share Your Photos!

Thanks to our customers for sharing these wonderful photos of birds and other backyard critters!

If you'd like to see your photos posted here, send them via email to: [email protected]. Please send in .jpg format and be sure to include your name and city. By submitting your photos, you are giving Wild Birds Unlimited permission to use the image on our web site, in our emails to customers, or in-store.

These first four photos were sent by Andrew Cox near Tramway and Menaul....

Male Bullocks at feeder

Female Bullocks

Female Grosbeak

 Male Black-headed Grosbeak on Super Suet Cylinder

Male Ladder-backed woodpecker on Super Suet cylinder


House sparrow at Tingly Beach


Fledgeling Roadrunner being fed by parent

This Swainson's hawk is the ambassador bird at the Rio Grande Nature Center in Albuquerque


Western tanagers are being seen throughout the area


This WesternTanager is enjoying a No-Mess seed cylinder. Sent in by Wayne Trott